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One School at a Time
Supporting Children...
By Ken Driese



One School at a Time works with Ugandans to develop well-managed, self-reliant, sustainable schools where children not only survive, but thrive.

Map of Uganda, Africa

"Go to the people. Learn from them... Start with what they know. Build with what they have. ...when the job is done, the people will all say we have done it ourselves." Lao Tzu

One School at a Time provides targeted Ugandan schools with technical support and capacity building through our Ugandan Program Manager. We link schools to already existing programs that may benefit them, and we provide capital improvements using environmentally sustainable solutions.

We focus on the whole school: governance, security, strategic long term planning, financial management, community and parent involvement, teacher development and sustainable infrastructure development.

Thanks to YOU another Ugandan School has a water system!

We often get asked what happens after we request support for a project. Did we raise the money needed? Did the work get completed? Did my donation make a difference? In this case, our goal was a water system at Bbinikila Primary School.

The answer is YES, thanks to you, we did raise the funds needed; YES the water system was built and YES your donations had a huge, positive impact on the well being of 324 students, 12 staff, and countless community members and parents.

Bbinikila cistern frornew water system

Help us continue to support our network Ugandan schools by making a donation!


Ones School at a Time, Students playingOne School at a Time is a catalyst, a partner and an advocate for school programs in the Mubende District of Uganda. The organization will help support a network of high-functioning schools in this area by 2015. One School at a Time partners with one community-based school at a time, and is focused on the quality of its outcomes, not on the quantity of schools that it reaches. The organization intends to be an effective public school model for the Ugandan District of Education into the future.


One School at a Time follows guiding principles to ensure that each Ugandan school project is poised for enduring, sustainable success. The organization seeks to ensure that it has the best foundation, people, and support available to aid each school partner. To that end, One School at a Time partnerships are based on: